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Latest News

28 Jun Learning to Be Learners: Technology

Kwand Lang, Principal of Spruance Elementary School (2019 Neubauer Fellow) describes how the lessons of the Neubauer Fellowship helped him to identify the need for vulnerability in working with faculty and staff who were nervous about using new technology in their teaching. Through one-on-one...

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28 Jun We Prioritized Relationships First

Alexa Dunn, Principal of Walter B. Saul High School of Agricultural Sciences (2020 Neubauer Fellow), provides a unique perspective in discussing how the pandemic required her team to rethink the way content was delivered to students. Knowing that virtual learning could quickly jeopardize student...

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28 Jun Virtual School is Real School

Wendy Baldwin, Principal of Universal Creighton Charter School (2020 Neubauer Fellow), shares key insights on how she maintained high expectations among her students and faculty within the virtual learning environment during this academic year. Through quick distribution of technology at the onset of the pandemic,...

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2020-21 DDM

21 Jun Dinners With Decision Makers

Neubauer Fellows connect with prominent government, business, and nonprofit executives through Dinners with Decision-Makers. Fellows engage leaders in intimate “fireside chats” to identify strategies to lead through crisis, manage change, and build high-performing teams. This year, Fellows met with Kimberley Harris, Executive VP of...

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20 Apr Neubauer Fellows Win 6 of 7 Lindback Awards

We are thrilled that Neubauer Fellows won 6 of 7 2021 Lindback Awards for Distinguished Principals!  The Lindback Award recognizes school principals who make significant leadership and humanitarian contributions to their communities.  Thirty (30) Neubauer Fellows have received the Lindback Award since its inception.  Over...

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19 Apr Successful Re-opening Starts with Communication

Any action worth doing must be communicated really well.  This requires hearing stakeholders, considering diverse perspectives, and gathering data.  Heather Mull Miller (2020 Neubauer Fellow), principal of William H. Hunter School, recognized that a successful re-opening depended on open and honest communication.  She held small...

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19 Apr Re-opening School With Equity at the Center

LaTanya Barrett (2019 Neubauer Fellow) recognizes the importance of keeping equity at the center while re-opening school.  As principal of Harrity Elementary School, Mastery Charter, Tanya used the Equity X Design framework to provide space for all stakeholders to share feedback and learn together.  They...

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