Director of Operations

As Director of Operations, Chau Wing designs systems, processes, and tools to help School Leaders operate efficiently and effectively. She oversees the organization’s operations, finance, technology, and human resources functions.

Prior to joining School Leaders, Chau Wing was a Senior Project Manager in the School District of Philadelphia’s Office of the Superintendent and Office of Evaluation, Research and Accountability. In these roles, Chau Wing led complex and cross-functional change management initiatives and developed and tracked the District’s strategy to support 100% of its 40,000 K-2 students to read on grade level by age 8.

Chau Wing previously advised state and local government agencies on management and budget matters as a Senior Analyst at Public Financial Management. She also served as the Assistant Director of the Penn Institute for Urban Research, where she managed the organizational budget and financial processes, delivering programming and roundtables to share and collaborate on topics confronting urban communities.

Chau Wing began her career teaching middle school English in Gunma prefecture, Japan. While living abroad, Chau Wing developed a love for building community, serving as President for the Gunma Association of JETs and continuing to share culture and cross national understanding following her return to the US, through roles at JTB USA, Inc. and with the Wharton School of Business’s Global Immersion Program.

Chau Wing holds a Master’s in Social Policy from the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Policy and Practice, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Penn’s College of Arts and Sciences.