Instructional Leadership Intensive


What We Provide

The Instructional Leadership Intensive partners with Skyrocket Educator Training to go “all-in” on instructional leadership. Utilizing monthly individualized coaching and whole group sessions to maximize learning and development, principal participants increase teacher capacity through direct coaching and practice and implement aligned high impact instructional systems and structures.

Program Components

During the one-year program, participants:

  • Set, work towards, and measure progress against high-leverage academic goals.
  • Develop instructional systems and structures necessary for school-wide academic improvement.
  • Directly coach and build teacher capacity to improve student outcomes
  • Participate in monthly development sessions with other participants, including:
    • A two-day in-person kick-off over the summer (July 20-21, 2022).
    • Monthly in-person sessions during the school year (3 hours each)
  • Actively engage in 5 hours of individualized coaching from a designated Skyrocket Leadership Coach (on-site and virtual).
  • Develop a diverse network of principal colleagues to learn from and alongside

Selection Criteria

The selection process identifies principals who are poised to take their instructional leadership skills and their schools’ performance to the next level.  Successful candidates demonstrate an ability to:

  •   Demonstrate a deep commitment to Philadelphia’s schools and students
  •   Reflect, accurately assess own strengths and growth areas, solicit candid feedback, and actively pursue ongoing growth opportunities
  •   Hold self and others accountable for improving student outcomes based on a belief that all children can achieve at high levels
  •   Create a safe, respectful, supportive, and inclusive environment that prepares all students, particularly students in poverty and students of color, to pursue and achieve their life aspirations
  • Use data to identify and prioritize problems, inform decisions, and implement effective solutions

“In a year marked by a 200% increase in midyear teacher resignations, Mastbaum has had zero. Among other critical levers, our work with Philadelphia Academy of School Leaders and the Skyrocket Teacher Coaching Framework has been essential in helping us to gain stability through effectuating a nurturing system of teacher coaching and development”

David Lon

Principal, Mastbaum High School

“I couldn’t think of a more perfect name for this framework than Skyrocket…this program has propelled my leadership practice! The targeted coaching and feedback I have received equipped me with the tools to rapidly improve teacher effectiveness. Our student outcomes and achievements are on the rise!”

Nikki Polk

Principal, Potter Thomas School

For more information about the Instructional Leadership Intensive please contact Matt Kelley ().