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School Leaders celebrates the transformative power of great leadership.

Join us – and inspire others – by sharing your story.


Today’s announcement of the fifth cohort of Neubauer Fellows marks a milestone for our organization. Now 109 Philadelphia principals strong and serving 65,000 students, we exceeded our initial goal of 100 principals and 60,000 students by 2020. The Fellowship has reached the critical mass needed to drive systemic change for Philadelphia’s schools and students.


In recognition of this moment, we are celebrating transformational leaders across the city of Philadelphia and recognizing them as change agents. Philadelphia is a city on the rise. Just as we know that building a world-class education system is dependent upon the quality of our school leaders, building a world-class city is equally dependent upon all of Philadelphia’s leaders.


Starting today, we ask all Fellows, partners, friends, and community leaders to support, share, and engage across your social media platforms about the importance of strong leadership and why you choose to lead on a daily basis utilizing the hashtag #MyFellowLeaders.


Our goal is to celebrate stories of leadership (big and small!) and the impact each of you are having on our great city. We encourage you to post starting today, and throughout the month of May, we will re-post your stories on both our Twitter page and website.


Below please find information about School Leaders’ social media handles and hashtags, along with suggested prompts and text, should you and/or your team wish to use them. We greatly appreciate your ongoing support of the Neubauer Fellowship, and we thank you in advance for sharing this message with your networks and followers!


Social Media Hashtags + School Leaders’ Handle

  • Please use the following hashtag across all social platforms: #MyFellowLeaders
  • Fellows, please also use the hashtag: #NeubauerFellows
  • School Leaders Twitter handle: @LeadersPHL
  • Please tag other leaders in the community who inspire you!


Prompts for Consideration


  • The reason why you choose to lead in Philadelphia
  • A recent milestone for your organization and/or peers
  • A proud leadership moment
  • A quote from a leader you admire


  • Why you chose to become a Neubauer Fellow
  • How being a Neubauer Fellow impacts your practice
  • Lessons you applied from the Fellowship
  • Positive changes you led and/or outcomes you achieved because of the Fellowship


Sample Posts

For All:

  • To me leadership is _______ and I am inspired by #MyFellowLeaders such as [tag other Philadelphia leaders]. @LeadersPHL
  • Now more than ever we need strong leaders across Philadelphia. I lead because _________. #MyFellowLeaders @LeadersPHL
  • I am proud to work with #MyFellowLeaders and to lead the team at [insert name of school/organization/company] every day! @LeadersPHL


For Neubauer Fellows:

Cohort 5/New Fellows:

  • Today I proudly join the 5th Cohort of #NeubauerFellows and look forward to working with #MyFellowLeaders across the city to drive positive outcomes for all Philly students. @LeadersPHL


Cohorts 1-4:

  • I am proud to welcome this year’s group of outstanding principals to the fifth cohort of #Neubauer Fellows and look forward to meeting and working alongside #MyFellowLeaders as we work together to lead positive change across the city. @LeadersPHL