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Haverford North


M.S. Education – Curriculum and Instruction,

Saint Joseph’s University


B.A. English,

Saint Joseph’s University


Administrative Certification, 

University of Pennsylvania

Shakae Dupre-Campbell

Principal, Middle Years Alternative School
School District of Philadelphia
2017 Neubauer Fellow

“As a principal I believe my role is to provide exposure, access, and advocacy for the young people I serve. I believe access, exposure, and advocacy combined gives students the tools to reach and and achieve goals.”

Shakae has served as the principal of Middle Years Alternative (MYA) School since 2014. Under her leadership, MYA ranked #5 overall in its School Performance Report (SPR) score. At MYA, Shakae incorporated new systems often found only in high schools for attendance, individualized rosters, and a data-driven instruction system where children analyze their own data. In addition, she focuses on fostering distributive leadership to build leadership capacity in her staff. During her tenure, MYA strategically revamped its partnerships and changed its mission to focus on preparing and exposing students to opportunities that broaden exposure to college and career readiness competencies. 


Shakae has been an educator since 2004. Prior to becoming a principal, Shakae served as a writer on the School District of Philadelphia’s English curriculum team to develop a standards-based core curriculum, principal intern, and English teacher. In 2019, Shake received the Lindback Distinguished Principal Leadership Award. Previously, Shakae received the Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching (2010) and became a member of Relay Graduate School of Education’s National Principal Academy Fellowship (2016). Shakae grew up in Philadelphia and graduated from Central High School.

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