Philadelphia Academy of School Leaders | Neubauer Fellowship – Curriculum
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Neubauer Fellowship in Educational Leadership

The curriculum and diverse learning experiences of the Neubauer Fellowship in Educational Leadership enable principals to become more skillful leaders, determined to improve educational outcomes for all students. The Fellowship concentrates on skill enhancement in:

Defining and communicating a compelling vision for student success by

  • Setting clear expectations for excellent teaching and desired learning outcomes
  • Collaborating with stakeholders to shape and reinforce the school’s vision
  • Inspiring enthusiasm and commitment for the vision
  • Aligning school culture, plans, and structures with the vision

Building effective teams and coaching for results by

  • Recruiting and retaining outstanding staff
and exiting ineffective staff
  • Developing teachers’ knowledge and skills through frequent teacher observation, actionable feedback, and effective professional development
  • Building and sustaining a professional culture characterized by collaboration, collective responsibility, trusting relationships and integrity
  • Enhancing staff capacity and use of data to identify and intervene with students who are falling behind

Applying entrepreneurial principles to school leadership for the benefit of students by

  • Partnering with parents, community members, and community agencies for support and resources
  • Advocating vigorously for resources that will enhance learning
  • Building and sustaining a culture of creativity, innovation and appropriate risk-taking

“I always tell my students that we have to be lifelong learners. The learning doesn’t stop. Even when I was in the classroom, and students would tell me, ‘I’m finished,’ I would say, ‘There’s no such thing as finished. There’s always more to learn.’ As a school principal now, I’m still focused on looking for new ways to learn myself.”

Jamina Clay Dingle
Bethune Elementary School
Neubauer Fellow in Educational Leadership