Philadelphia Academy of School Leaders | Programs
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A two-year cohort-based program for highly effective principals that develops critical leadership skills needed to elevate school performance and student outcomes in their schools and across the city.
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A program that pairs high-potential future Neubauer Fellows with Senior Fellows who have interest in developing other leaders in order to achieve priority goals.
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Focused on executive leadership and coaching, this program supports Senior Neubauer Fellows who have been promoted to system leadership positions beyond the principalship.
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In 2019-2020, the Philadelphia Academy of School Leaders operated the Aspiring Assistant Superintendent Academy in collaboration with the School District of Philadelphia to develop sitting principals to become future successful principal supervisors.


From 2016-2018, the Philadelphia Academy of School Leaders operated the Teacher-Leader Collaborative Grants program, which reinforced strong collaboration between principals and teachers as a means to increase broad-based leadership in Philadelphia schools.