Thank you for your interest in the 2024-2025 ILA program!

At this time, the application is not yet open.
Please email Program Manager Hannah Tran to be updated when we launch.


Never have the stakes been higher for our students to attend great schools.

Philadelphia Academy of School Leaders believes that great schools require great leaders. We are proud to offer the Instructional Leadership Academy, which supports Philadelphia principals to drive results for students by improving the instructional systems and structures in their schools. In particular, the program focuses on leveraging teacher coaching, professional learning time, and data-driven instruction to raise the bar for student learning. In addition, participants are paired with an Instructional Leadership Coach for individualized coaching each month (in addition to the monthly sessions) to maximize principal growth in these areas.

You are an ideal Instructional Leadership Academy candidate if you are:
  • A current principal at a school in Philadelphia who is committed to staying in your role for at least three more years and in the city of Philadelphia for the long term.
  • A leader in a school with a positive culture and climate and is ready to focus on instruction.
  • Hungry and poised to take your instructional program to the next level, and therefore, increase student growth and achievement.
  • Prepared to be pushed in your practice by a coach who will challenge and support you to get out of your comfort zone.
  • Eager to coach your teachers directly using a “research based teacher development framework” and develop a full blown coaching system.
  • Ready to improve your use of professional learning time to maximize the impact on teacher practice.
  • Excited to analyze quantitative and qualitative data to set goals, progress monitor, and strategically adjust plans for student learning.
  • Able to manage your calendar and prioritize fulfilling all program commitments with fidelity (attending and actively engaging in all sessions and coaching).
During the one-year program, participants will:
  • Set goals, work towards them, and measure progress against core academic goals.
  • Develop instructional systems and structures around coaching, professional learning, and data use for school-wide academic improvement.
  • Build your coaching, planning/facilitation, and data analysis skills and then turn key learnings to develop your own staff.
  • Develop a diverse network of principal colleagues to learn from and alongside.
  • Participate in monthly development sessions with other participants, including:
    – A two-day in-person kick-off over the summer of 2024.
    Monthly in-person sessions during the school year (3 hours each).
  • Actively engage in two hours of individualized coaching from a designated Instructional Leadership Coach (on-site and virtual).