Developing School Leaders, Developing Students

We exist to transform students’ lives for the better.

At Philadelphia Academy of School Leaders, we know–and research confirms–that educational leaders, particularly principals, are critical in the creation of excellent learning experiences. Principals and school system leaders have a tremendous impact on the lives of the young people they serve.

Our Core Beliefs

At Philadelphia Academy of School Leaders, we recognize that deep-rooted systemic inequities have created barriers to student achievement. To directly address this inequity in support of children and their educational experience, our organization and its work are based on the following Core Beliefs:

  • Student success is the number one priority.
  • Every child is capable of extraordinary things and has the ability to achieve and succeed.
  • Excellent education is rooted in equity.
  • Learning occurs in a safe, nurturing, equitable, and culturally responsive environment.
  • Adults are accountable for student success.
  • Educational leaders are the most critical factor for the success of a school community.

Our Theory of Change

PASL is focused on providing high-quality, results-driven professional development for school leaders to accelerate learning and growth in Philadelphia’s students.

By serving leaders across district, charter, and faith-based schools and in all stages of their careers, we’re creating a community driven by innovation and engaged in continuous improvement, focused on leveraging the expertise of others and scaling and replicating best practices in ways that work for individuals and unique communities.

Because our program participants come from systems that take different approaches to education, our leaders are able to identify what’s working and capitalize on how those best practices can be incorporated into any system.

And because PASL’s scaffolded leadership development equips program participants with better tools, skills, networks, and resources to overcome challenges at any stage of their career, our leaders are moving beyond foundationally sound principles into systems leadership roles, charting what’s next for all students within their networks.

We work with these dedicated professionals to drive academic growth, enhance student well-being, and elevate the educational experience across the city, empowering students to succeed in the K-12 experience and beyond.