2024-2025 Programming

Senior Fellow Programs are cultivated learning experiences for alumni of our Neubauer Fellowship in Educational Leadership.

In 2024-2025, PASL will be offering:

Senior Fellow Institutes

A series of multiple-session learning opportunities, Senior Fellow Institutes address topics identified by the Senior Fellow community as relevant, timely, and needed to support their practice.

2023-2024 Programming

PASL’s 2023-2024 programming includes:

Black Educator Pipeline Senior Fellow Programming 2023–2024

Black Educator Pipeline

The Black Educator Pipeline learning arc focuses on the recruitment, selection, development, and support of Black educators in order to deepen and expand the pipeline. Structured for learning within a racial affinity group, this program is expanding in 2023-2024 to support white Senior Fellows.


Breakthrough Results Collaborative Senior Fellow Programming 2023–2024

Breakthrough Results Collaborative

Focused on leveraging teacher coaching, professional learning time, and data-driven instruction to raise the bar for student learning, the Breakthrough Results Collaborative supports principals and their teams (a Senior Fellow plus two of their leaders) to drive student results.


Restorative Practices in Action

Restorative Practices in Action focuses on developing school leaders in creating restorative school environments, enhancing student voice and accountability to realize a sense of community that supports learning for all.