Philadelphia Academy of School Leaders is pleased to announce the Cohort 8 Neubauer Fellows!


Great schools require great leaders!

A two-year cohort-based program for dedicated principals, the Neubauer Fellowship in Educational Leadership develops the critical leadership skills needed to elevate school performance and advance student outcomes.

As Neubauer Fellows, principals receive best-in-class professional development and build deep relationships with a cohort of outstanding peers who share strategies and problem-solve with one another. Neubauer Fellows enhance their skills, expand their networks and resources, and share strategies and best practices with peers to achieve demonstrated results, transforming their leadership and their students lives.

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Neubauer Fellows make up a strong community of passionate principals doing amazing things.

9 of the 14
National Blue Ribbon Schools
Neubauer Fellows have led 9 of the 14 designated National Blue Ribbon Schools in Philadelphia over the past seven years.
Lindback Awards
Neubauer Fellows have received 45 Lindback Awards for Distinguished Principals.
Percentage Points
12.2 percentage points more teachers provided the most favorable rating of how well their principal manages talent at Fellow-led schools vs. comparison schools (2021–2022).
Percentage Points
5.5 percentage points more students attended school 95+% of the time at Fellow-led schools vs. comparison schools (2021–2022).

More than 150 Fellows have graduated from the Neubauer Fellowship in Educational Leadership since 2015.