Neubauer Fellow Kate Davis blends Academics and Music at C.W. Henry School

Kate Davis (2020 Neubauer Fellows) has led Charles W. Henry School since 2019.  Under her leadership, Henry was awarded the Public Citizens for Children and Youth (PCCY) School Award.  Expanding the school’s arts programming has gone hand in hand with increases in student academic achievement and attendance.  

Principal Davis, the staff, students and families build upon C.W. Henry’s strong academic foundation with a bold emphasis on the arts.  Kate shares, “We belive that all elementary students should have access to high quality arts programming in school.”  C.W. Henry’s more than 500 Kindergarten – 8th grade students participate in a range of programming that includes keyboard, beat making, how to read music, piano lab, choir/vocal, dance choreography, musical theatre, modern band, orchestra, video editing, and more. 

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