With a focus on developing the skills that are critical to effecting change and driving student outcomes, our programs, by design, change lives—our participants’ lives, and the lives of the students they serve.


All School Leaders’ programmatic experiences are grounded in a framework of enhancing four main leadership competencies, or what we call Leadership Levers: Lead Authentically, Develop People, Advance Equity, and Drive Results.


Our program participants are making breakthroughs in practice and improving student outcomes because our programs enhance their skill sets in these competencies—proven catalysts for success.


School Leaders’ Programming (2021–2022)

School Leaders’ program offerings are identified and designed to meet the needs of educational leaders across roles and throughout their careers, so that they can serve as advocates and change agents who improve Philadelphia students’ educational journeys and academic paths.


With a focus on our framework of high-impact Leadership Levers and utilizing proven delivery practices, our programs elevate educational leaders capable of taking the students they serve to next-level achievement.


Flagship Program

The Neubauer Fellowship in Educational Leadership: A two-year cohort-based program for highly effective principals, the Neubauer Fellowship in Educational Leadership develops critical leadership skills needed to elevate school performance and student outcomes in their schools and across the city.


Performance Partners: Pairing high-potential principals and future Neubauer Fellows with alumni of the Neubauer Fellowship, or Senior Fellows, Performance Partners deepens the instructional coaching skills necessary to drive growth in student outcomes and achieve school goals.


Leaders of Leaders: Focused on executive leadership and coaching, Leaders of Leaders supports those who supervise and develop principals. The 2021–2022 Cohort consisted of all 13 School District of Philadelphia superintendents and five system leaders from the District and Mastery Charter Schools; 11 members of the Cohort were Senior Neubauer Fellows.


Restorative Practices in Action: In partnership with an organization of the same name, Restorative Practices in Action is designed to cultivate the mindsets and skills necessary for school leaders to nurture leadership in students through the restoration of student voice, ownership, and empowerment in support of a sustainable and equitable school community.


Learning Acceleration: A Senior Fellow Learning Arc, Learning Acceleration supports principals and their instructional leadership teams in developing and implementing a comprehensive strategy to accelerate, rather than remediate, learning for all students, in a year when the COVID–19 pandemic continued to disrupt academic growth.