Performance Partners Program


The Performance Partners Program, offered in previous years, was designed to support high-potential Philadelphia principals (“Performance Partners”) to achieve their most significant school goals and deepen the skills necessary to drive growth in student outcomes. With a specific focus on bolstering instructional leadership skills, each Performance Partner was paired with a high-performing principal – an alum of the Neubauer Fellowship in Educational Leadership (“Senior Fellow”) – who shared expertise, encouragement, and skills utilizing a coaching approach. Philadelphia Academy of School Leaders partnered with Skyrocket Educator Training to develop and facilitate program content and training sessions.


Performance Partners were invited to participate following a three-part selection process (application, supervisor recommendation, and interview). Senior Fellows were invited to be coaches based on demonstration of exceptional school leadership and interest in building their capacity to mentor and develop other leaders.

What we provided

Over the course of a year, the Performance Partners Program aimed to:


  • Support principals (Performance Partners) to achieve significant student achievement goals by improving instructional coaching practices and systems for a targeted cohort of teachers
  • Support Neubauer Fellowship alumni (Senior Fellows) to develop their coaching skills to mentor other principals and increase their leadership across school systems
  • Increase participants’ commitment to Philadelphia by developing a network of support

“I am always looking for ways to push myself out of my comfort zone and this program did it for me.  I built a stronger grasp of coaching strategies, language to use, and techniques that will end up with results in better teaching, resulting in greater student outcomes!”

Leigh McLinden

Principal, George Sharswood School

2020 Performance Partner

“Participating in the Performance Partners Program pushed my practice as a new principal by exposing me to new ways of approaching coaching, analyzing data, and setting goals.  My coach was super knowledgeable and provided pointed feedback that I first practiced with her and then immediately implemented at my school.  Every minute of this program was time well spent.”

Monique Dolcy 

Principal, Mastery Charter Fredrick Douglas Elementary

2020 Performance Partner