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M.S. Educational Administration,
Administrative Certification,
University of Pennsylvania

B.S. Education,
Temple University

Amelia Coleman Brown

Assistant Superintendent
School District of Philadelphia
2016 Neubauer Fellow

Extraordinary times require extra ordinary leadership!”

Amelia has served as Assistant Superintendent with the School District of Philadelphia since 2017.  In her current role, Amelia supervises twelve principals.


Amelia has been an educator since 1999. Prior to become Assistant Superintendent, she served as principal at W.D. Kelley Elementary School in North Philadelphia (2010 – 2016). Additional professional roles include assistant superintendent fellow, vice principal, academic coach, teacher consultant, teacher, and adjunct instructor of reading and writing at the University of Pennsylvania. Amelia believes that the most essential characteristic of an urban educator is a caring spirit. Amelia grew up in Philadelphia and attended Scotland School for Veterans Children.

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