Developed in partnership with an organization of the same name, Restorative Practices in Action invites Senior Fellows to join a community focused on cultivating the mindsets and skills necessary to nurture leadership in students and an equitable learning environment for all. The program takes a multitiered approach, as principals and a mid-level administrator from their team participle in quarterly sessions, teachers participate monthly, and the teams are brought together for additional working sessions, to enable implementation and engagement across the school community. By implementing a school culture that encourages and cultivates the three pillars of restorative practices—student voice, ownership, and empowerment—RPiA participants develop students who lead authentically as they invest in their own educational experience.

Student Leadership
Less Disruptive
Within two months of implementing RPiA strategies, 70% of classrooms saw significant decrease in disruptive student behavior.
Increased Leadership
Within two months of implementing RPiA strategies, 70% of classrooms saw an increase in student leadership behavior.
Restorative Practices in Action is a program that allows teachers, teacher leaders, and administrators to work together to create systems that are more restorative to what students need. It goes beyond the restoration of the relationship of students and teachers, but also students with the systems. In RPiA, we’re working toward creating systems that feel more just and fair for students. Students are gaining leadership skills, they say they feel more agency and feel more empowered in their classrooms and within their schools.
Pheng Lim
Principal, Folk Arts-Cultural Treasures Charter School
2016 Neubauer Fellow (Cohort 2)