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Dollette Johns-Smith

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West Philadelphia


B.S. Psychology, Elizabeth City State University

M.Ed. Educational Administration, Grand Canyon University

Dr. Dollette Johns-Smith

Principal, Morton McMichael School
School District of Philadelphia
2022 Neubauer Fellow

“I serve as a principal in the School District of Philadelphia to disrupt the injustice in equity for our black and brown students. I chose Neubauer Fellow to continue to challenge myself, and the school community to provide an educational foundation for students to become 21st-century change makers.”

Dollette has served as the principal of Morton McMichael School since 2019. Under her leadership, Morton McMichael exited the Acceleration Network model as a result of a 21% increase in School Progress Report (SPR) scores. In the 2019-2020 school year, Morton McMichael was recognized for Accelerating School Improvement.


Dollette has been an educator since 1997. Prior to becoming a principal, Dollette served as a teacher, climate and culture coach, observation and feedback coach, assistant principal, and principal fellow. Dollette grew up in Philadelphia, PA.

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