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M.S Urban Education, University of Pennsylvania


B.S. Education,

Administrative Certification,

Temple University

Jessica Ramos

Assistant Superintendent
School District of Philadelphia
2016 Neubauer Fellow

“Taking a true equity stance means fighting to disrupt a system that was never designed for its most vulnerable population.”

Prior to her transition to principal supervisor, Jessica served as the principal of Allen M. Stearne Elementary School, beginning in 2014. Under her leadership, the teachers at Stearne saw an increase in effectiveness by 1.4% (4-point scale) and many met the highest bar for growth, leading the school to exceed the standard for academic growth as determined by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Stearne was also recognized in by the National Implementors Forum for Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS) and moved its performance index for growth from “Intervene” to “Model” on the School Progress Reporting system.


Jessica has been an educator since 2006.  Prior to becoming Assistant Superintendent, Jessica served as an Assistant Superintendent Fellow, principal, Literacy Enhancement Teacher, middle years ELA teacher, and 5th grade teacher. Jessica also received a 2016 Presidential Great Educator award. Jessica grew up in Philadelphia and graduated from Bodine High School for International Affairs.

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