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South Philadelphia


M.Ed. Education Leadership,
Administrative Certification,
Lehigh University


M.Ed. Urban Education,
University of Pennsylvania


M.Div., Palmer Theological Seminary


B.S. Health and Sport Studies,
Miami University

Jovan Moore

Principal, Girard Academic Music Program (GAMP)
School District of Philadelphia
2019 Neubauer Fellow

“I became a principal in Philadelphia because I wanted to be able to affect change more levels than just inside my classroom. Principals serve in a unique position because we are able to still be in contact with our students, staff, and families, and work within our communities.”

Jovan has served as the principal of Girard Academic Music Program (GAMP) since 2018. Under her leadership, GAMP’s implementation of Restorative Practice increased student attendance for students attending 95% of days or more and maintained suspensions at 99% of students not being suspended. GAMP increased the number of 9th grade students that are on track to graduation by 12.4% and increased Science achievement on the Pennsylvania System of State Assessment (PSSA) by 9% in 2019. In 2021, GAMP was named a Blue Ribbon School for Excellence.


Jovan has been an educator since 2008. Prior to becoming a principal, Jovan served as assistant principal, a biology and environmental science teacher, and an incentive team leader for the Department of Labor grant to increase student attendance and overall participation in school. Jovan also received the Diplomas Now Middle School Principal of the Year award. Jovan grew up in Cincinnati, OH.

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