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M.S. Elementary Education,

Chestnut Hill College


B.S. Sociology,

Boston University


Administrative Certification,

University of Pennsylvania

Kim Newman

Assistant Superintendent
School District of Philadelphia
2016 Neubauer Fellow

“The Neubauer Fellowship has enhanced my skills as both a leader and a learner. In addition to providing exceptional professional development, the Neubauer Fellowship has allowed me to develop relationships with other leaders that help to move me forward.”

Kim Newman has served as a School District of Philadelphia Assistant Superintendent since 2018. Recent accomplishments within her network of schools include a 5% increase in School Progress Report (SPR) overall scores and a 19% increase in the schools moving into the “Reinforce” SPR category.


Previously, Kim served as the principal of Chester Arthur School (2007-2018). Under her leadership, Chester Arthur had the most improved English PSSA scores in Philadelphia in 2017, the 7th most improved scores in Pennsylvania. Chester Arthur was also the most improved K-8 school based on School Progress Report Data in 2015-2016 and had the 3rd most improved Science PSSA Scores in Pennsylvania in 2016. Kim worked closely with the community to raise $1.7 million to renovate the schoolyard and create an interactive outdoor learning space.


Kim has been an educator since year 1997.  Prior to becoming a principal, Kim served as a middle school math teacher. Throughout Kim’s career, she has worked with the University of Pennsylvania’s Educational Leadership Program, the Philly PLUS program, Arcadia University, and the School District of Philadelphia. Kim prides herself in demonstrating her commitment to excellence in education, her capacity to work as an instructional leader, and her ability to maintain excellent relationships with parents and the community. Kim grew up in Lower Merion, PA.

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