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Graduate Hospital


M.S. Education for Reading, Writing, & Literacy,

University of Pennsylvania


B.A. Psychology,

University of Richmond


Administrative Certification,

Temple University

Kristen Long

Principal, Independence Charter School
2016 Neubauer Fellow

I have the ability to affect true change as a principal of a charter school. My daily interactions with students, staff, and families inspire and invigorate me.

Kristen has served as the principal of Independence Charter School (ICS) since 2011. Under her leadership, ICS, a city-wide admissions charter school, has consistently out-performed the state every year in PSSA Math and ELA. On the 2017 School Progress Report, ICS ranked 9th out of 147 K-8 Philadelphia district and charter schools. ICS has provided access to a bilingual education for students since 2001.

Kristen has been an educator since 1997. Prior to becoming a principal, Kristen served as a curriculum specialist, reading specialist, and 4th/5th grade teacher. Kristen worked as a teacher in the San Francisco Unified School District and the District of Columbia Public Schools. Kristen grew up in Philadelphia and graduated from Mount St. Joseph Academy.

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