Philadelphia Academy of School Leaders | Leaders of Leaders – Overview
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Leaders of Leaders

The Leaders of Leaders program supports the success of Neubauer Fellowship in Educational Leadership alumni (“Senior Fellows”) who have been promoted to system leadership positions in Philadelphia beyond the principalship. Senior Fellows serve in executive leadership positions – such as Assistant Superintendent and Chief Executive Officer – and face a new set of day-to-day challenges and opportunities.

Participation in the Leaders of Leaders program is limited to Senior Neubauer Fellows who supervise or develop principals in Philadelphia.

What we provide

Utilizing the successful cross-sector approach of the Neubauer Fellowship, the Leaders of Leaders program convenes Senior Fellows working in system leadership roles across the district, charter, and faith-based school sectors.

The Leaders of Leaders program:

  • Develops participants’ capacity to coach other leaders to improve their practice
  • Enhances participants’ executive leadership skills to effectively navigate and leverage systems and system leaders
  • Creates a learning network in which participants examine work-specific challenges and successes and share constructive feedback and promising practices

Program Components

The Leaders of Leaders program includes:

  • Capacity building sessions focused on executive leadership and coaching other leaders
  • Practical consultancies to provide opportunities for participants to share current “problems of practice” and gather feedback and suggestions from peers
  • Intimate conversations with prominent Philadelphia leaders focused on effectively managing and supporting managers of others

“The Leaders of Leaders program provides me with concrete guidance and feedback from peers about how to best support people in the organization and community I serve. It is validating and practical, pushes for better practice, and provides camaraderie and reflection.”

Noah Tennant

Chief Executive Officer, Boys’ Latin of Philadelphia

2016 Neubauer Fellow in Educational Leadership

2018 Leaders of Leaders Program Participant