Neubauer Fellow Shavonne McMillan Celebrates Vaux Big Picture HS First Graduating Class

Shavonne McMillan (2018 Neubauer Fellow) celebrated the very first graduating class of Vaux Big Picture High School. Shavonne’s leadership is credited with solidifying the Vaux focus on internships, dramatically reducing staff turnover and building a community where students are able to find their unique voice. During her tenure Shavonne has grown the number of students obtaining internships by 39%.  This school year 84% of students experienced internships. Forty-two percent of the graduating class is heading to college, a trade school, or an additional internship. Others have committed to the military, union jobs or other full time work.

Vaux operates as a unique partnership between the School District of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Housing Authority. Shavonne and her team work with embedded health services, workforce development partners and community organizations. The students, staff and Principal McMillan are proving that success is possible for a neighborhood high school.

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