Spruance Elementary Provides Academic and Social Haven

Kwand Lang (2019 Neubauer Fellow), principal of Spruance Elementary School since 2013, summarizes his goal for students, he “wants students to leave Spruance knowing that they are called to do great things.” 

“Our job is to get kids to understand their purpose,” and to this end the professional team at Spruance creates an environment that includes academics, student leadership opportunities and positive social and emotional space.      

Lang meets with the Student Council monthly, where middle school leaders set the agenda and run the meeting. These students typically run 1-2 school programs a year, serving as positive role models, leaders and effective planners. Other opportunities for students to engage and develop include morning meetings, a full athletic program, extensive partnerships, and a school-wide Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS). For Lang and his team, “Everything for us is really trying to push from good to great,”        

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