Neubauer Fellows Receive Special Recognition on the 2018-19 School Progress Reports

Congratulations to the 24 Neubauer Fellow-led schools that received awards and recognition from the School District of Philadelphia for outstanding results on the recently released 2018-19 School Progress Reports (SPR)[1]. The SPR annually measures district and charter schools on multiple dimensions: academic achievement, academic progress, school climate and safety, college and career readiness (in high schools), and a cumulative overall score. We congratulate all 24 schools and leaders, including:

  • F. Amedee Bregy School led by Shakeera Warthen (2017 cohort) for achieving the Highest Four-Year Improvement in Overall score 
  • George W. Nebinger School led by Natalie Catin-St. Louis (2018 cohort) for achieving the Highest One-Year Improvement in Overall and Achievement scores

Neubauer Fellow-led schools outperformed and achieved greater annual and long-term growth compared to other district and charter schools:

  • 5 of the top 6 schools earning highest Overall scores were led by Neubauer Fellows
  • Neubauer Fellow-led district and charter schools scored, on average, 16 percentage points higher on the Overall score than schools not led by Fellows
  • Neubauer Fellow-led schools improved by more than six times the rate of schools not led by Fellows on the Overall score between the 2017-18 and 2018-19
  • Neubauer Fellow-led schools were nearly twice as likely to score in the top two Overall tiers (Reinforce or Model) than non-Fellow-led school

The following 24 schools and Neubauer Fellows were honored for their 2018-19 School Progress Reports:

  • Abram Jenks School (Siouda Douglas, 2015 Cohort)
  • Alexander K. McClure School (Sharon Marino, 2016 Cohort)
  • Andrew J. Morrison School (Meredith Lowe, 2019 Cohort)
  • Bache-Martin School (Mark Vitvitsky, 2018 Cohort)
  • Bayard Taylor School (David Laver, 2018 Cohort)
  • F. Amedee Bregy School (Shakeera Warthen, 2017 Cohort – pictured)
  • Feltonville School of Arts and Sciences (John Piniat, 2017 Cohort)
  • Geroge W. Nebinger School (Natalie Catin-St. Louis, 2018 Cohort)
  • Henry C. Lea School (ShaVon Savage, 2019 Cohort)
  • Hill Freedman World Academy (Tony Majewski, 2015 Cohort)
  • Horatio B. Hackett School (Todd Kimmel, 2019 Cohort)
  • James Logan School (Chuanika Sanders, 2018 Cohort)
  • Lankenau Environmental Science Magnet High School (Joshua Levinson, 2018 Cohort)
  • Mastery Charter School at Cleveland (Letisha Laws, 2018 Cohort)
  • Mastery Charter School at Harrity (Latanya Barrett, 2019 Cohort)
  • MYA – Middle Years Alternative School (Shakae Dupre-Campbell, 2017 Cohort)
  • Overbrook Educational Center (Meredith Foote, 2018 Cohort)
  • Penn Alexander School (Michael Farrell, 2016 Cohort)
  • Philadelphia Performing Arts Charter School (Aaron Gerwer, 2017 Cohort)
  • Prince Hall School (Donna Ragsdale, 2018 Cohort)
  • Richard R. Wright School (Jeannine Payne, 2019 Cohort)
  • Stephen Girard School (Leah Coleman, 2019 Cohort)
  • Tilden Middle School (Brian Johnson, 2016 Cohort)
  • William M. Meredith School (Lauren Overton, 2018 Cohort)

[1] The School Progress Report (SPR) measures district and charter schools on multiple dimensions: overall, academic achievement, academic progress, school climate and safety, and college and career readiness (in high schools). Schools earn scores between 0-100% and are assigned to one of four tiers: Intervene (0-24%), Watch (25-49%), Reinforce (50-74%), and Model (75-100%).