Neubauer Fellows receive distinguished school progress reports

The Philadelphia Academy of School Leaders would like to congratulate the Neubauer Fellows in Educational Leadership whose schools were recognized for their results on the School District of Philadelphia’s School Progress Report. The awards ceremony, hosted at Potter Thomas Promise Academy (led by Cohort 1 Fellow Dywonne Davis-Harris), celebrated the achievements of 26 schools.

Highlights include:

City Leaders: Penn Alexander School (led by Cohort 2 Fellow Michael Farrell) and Central High School (led by Cohort 1 Fellow Tim McKenna) received the “City Leader” honor for the K-8 school and high school category respectively. Learn more about Tim’s leadership story here.

Turnaround Results: Both schools led by Neubauer Fellows in the district’s Turnaround Network were recognized for significant progress made in student achievement. Potter Thomas Promise Academy (led by Cohort 1 Fellow Dywonne Davis-Harris) improved 82% in the Progress category and S. Weir Mitchell Elementary (led by Cohort 3 Fellow Stephanie Andrewlevich) made a 65% gain. Watch Dywonne talk about the academic growth at Potter Thomas here. 

Most Improved: Neubauer Fellows lead Philadelphia’s most improved middle school (Feltonville School of Arts & Sciences, led by Cohort 2 Fellow John Piniat) and most improved K-8 school (E.M. Stanton School, led by Cohort 3 Fellow Stacey Burnley). Learn more about John’s leadership story here.

Overall Top Schools: Six of the 13 designated overall “Model” schools in the city are led by Neubauer Fellows: Penn Alexander School, General George McCall School, High School of Engineering and Science, Central High School, Joseph Greenberg School (led by Cohort 1 FellowGina Hubbard) and Folk Arts-Cultural Treasures Charter School.