Philadelphia Academy of School Leaders Welcomes 25 Members in Cohort 8 of the Neubauer Fellowship in Educational Leadership

Philadelphia Academy of School Leaders is thrilled to announce 25 Philadelphia principals as members of the eighth cohort of the Neubauer Fellowship in Educational Leadership.

Matching the 2018 Cohort (Cohort 4) for the most cohort members, Cohort 8 includes leaders from two faith-based, five charter, and 18 district schools, bringing an impressive total of 127 years of principal experience to the expansive Neubauer Fellowship network. Reflecting Philadelphia’s increasing diversity, this year’s cohort boasts 84% people of color and 60% women.

The cohort’s two-year journey of transformative leadership development designed to sharpen essential skills that elevate both school performance and student achievement commences in July 2024, beginning with a weeklong intensive Summer Institute introducing them to Fellowship.

Throughout the program, Fellows exchange innovative solutions to complex challenges and forge strong bonds with a network of remarkable peers dedicated to collaborative strategy and mutual problem-solving.

“We support our Fellows in doing amazing things for their schools and school communities and are pleased to add 25 more members to the Neubauer Fellowship network.”
Edwin M. Quezada
EdD, PASL Executive Director

“As our flagship program, the Neubauer Fellowship anchors our work developing the leaders who create the educational experiences in which children thrive and grow,” said Edwin M. Quezada, EdD, PASL Executive Director. “We support our Fellows in doing amazing things for their schools and school communities and are pleased to add 25 more members to the Neubauer Fellowship network.”

“Grounded in the beliefs that every child is capable of extraordinary things and that there are no first-rate schools without first-rate leaders, the Neubauer Fellowship in Educational Leadership was designed to cultivate collaborative leadership skills and entrepreneurial agency of Philadelphia principals,” said Joseph Neubauer, PASL Board Chair. “We are proud of how all our Fellows continue to evolve and expand their leadership capacity as they elevate their school communities, and we look forward to supporting our newest Fellows as they begin this journey.”

This exceptional group of school leaders was selected from a record number of applicants, participating in a detailed, multi-stage process that rigorously evaluates adherence to selection criteria.

Now supporting 175 school and system leaders, the Neubauer Fellowship extends its influence within Philadelphia’s district, charter, and faith-based school systems. Including the latest cohort, Neubauer Fellows lead 106 schools throughout Philadelphia, directly benefiting nearly 64,000 students. Furthermore, 36 Neubauer Fellows have taken on pivotal systems-level leadership roles, thereby indirectly influencing the educational journey of an additional 30,500-plus students within district schools alone. Collectively, Neubauer Fellows impact nearly 94,500 students—almost half of all schoolchildren in Philadelphia.

We are excited to welcome and celebrate the 2024 Neubauer Fellows in Educational Leadership!

  • Dr. Latoyia Bailey, Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush High School
  • Dr. Chantal Barr, James R. Lowell School
  • Melissa Bragg, John Hancock Demonstration School
  • Derrick Cartwright, Mastery Charter School – Shoemaker Campus
  • Jamal Dennis, Crossroads at Hunting Park & Philadelphia Learning Academy North
  • Rosalie Doherty, Holy Cross Catholic School
  • Monique Dolcy, Frederick Douglass Elementary School
  • Dr. Alphonso Evans, Allen M. Stearne School
  • Luis Garcia, Alexander K. McClure School
  • Bahir Hayes, William C. Bryant School
  • Dr. Nicholas Huck, St. Helena-Incarnation School
  • Dr. Darryl Johnson, Carver High School of Engineering and Sciencel
  • Joy Kingwood Ellis, Rhawnhurst School
  • Dr. Mandy Manna, Fox Chase Farm
  • Baretta Massey, Alain Locke School
  • Rich Mitchell, William W. Bodine High School for International Affairs
  • Dr. Khary Moody, James R. Ludlow Elementary School
  • Dr. Nicole Patterson, Marian Anderson Neighborhood Academy
  • Nicole Patterson, William H. Ziegler School
  • Dr. Yonaira Rodriguez, William Cramp Elementary School
  • Dr. Jury Segers, Imhotep Institute Charter High School
  • Dana Singletary, Feltonville Intermediate School
  • Dr. John Smith Jr., School of the Future
  • Dr. Zenobia Story, Global Leadership Academy Southwest
  • Stephanie Williams, Belmont Charter Middle School

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