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Nikki Polk

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North Philadelphia


K-12 Educational Leadership Certification, Arcadia University

M.Ed. Elementary Education, Arcadia University

B.S. Occupational & Environmental Health Sciences & Safety, Drexel University

Nichole Polk

Principal, Potter-Thomas School
School District of Philadelphia
2022 Neubauer Fellow

“I serve as a principal in the School District of Philadelphia because I believe all black, brown and latinx children CAN learn and WILL succeed with a high-quality, equitable education no matter their zip code. I became a Neubauer Fellow to strengthen and enhance my own abilities to grow and develop leaders within my building to ensure all stakeholders are in a learning environment that is conducive to learning and accelerates student achievement.”

Nichole has served as the principal of Potter-Thomas School since 2019. Under her leadership, Potter-Thomas School’s  STAR Assessment At/Above Reading scores increased 6.1%, On Watch scores increased 2.4%, Strategic Intervention scores increased 4.6%, and Intensive Intervention scores decreased 13.2%.


Nichole has been an educator since 2001. Prior to becoming a principal, Nichole served as Literacy Intern Teacher, 2nd Grade Teacher, 3rd Grade Teacher, K-6 Writing Prep Teacher, School-Based Teacher Leader (SBTL), and Assistant Principal. Nichole serves on the Acceleration Network Advisory Board. She grew up in Philadelphia, PA.

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