Philanthropic Partners

We are fortunate to partner with visionary funders and partners who generously contribute to our goal of developing highly effective school and system leaders across Philadelphia’s district, charter, and faith-based schools. We gratefully acknowledge the following organizations who make our work possible. 

The Neubauer Family Foundation is the founding and primary supporter of the Philadelphia Academy of School Leaders. The Neubauer family is committed to improving education in Philadelphia and believes that school leaders are best poised to make that happen. “All of Philadelphia’s schoolchildren deserve a first-rate education regardless of neighborhood,” explained Joseph Neubauer. “I know — we all know — that there are no first-rate schools without first-rate leaders.  That’s why I’m so passionate about this initiative.” Learn more about the Neubauer Family Foundation’s role in founding School Leaders here.

If you are interested in providing support to the Philadelphia Academy of School Leaders, please contact Executive Director Tracy Breslin.