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Rodney Johnson

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M. Ed., Bowie State University

B.A. English Literature, Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University

Graduate Certificate Early Childhood Education, Georgetown University

Rodney Johnson

Principal, John Moffet School
School District of Philadelphia
2022 Neubauer Fellow

“I serve as Principal because I must give students the educational tools they need to compete, achieve, and succeed academically.”

Rodney has served as the principal of John Moffet School since 2019. Under his leadership, John Moffet’s K-5 Math Aimsweb Data increased 8%. In addition to seeing growth in overall school data, there has been a 19% increase in math for English Language Learner students at Moffet. In 2020, John Moffet received recognition as a National Elementary Honor Society School.


Rodney has been an educator since 2007.  Prior to becoming a principal, Rodney served as a pre-kindergarten teacher, kindergarten teacher, 1st grade teacher, 3rd grade teacher, academic literacy coach, director of early literacy, and professional learning specialist. Rodney grew up in West Palm Beach, FL.

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