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Tangela McClam

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West Philadelphia


M. Ed. Educational Leadership, Columbia University

M.A. Elementary Education, Saint Joseph’s University

B.A. Political Science & Philosophy, Rosemont College

Tangela McClam

Principal, Guion S. Bluford Elementary School
School District of Philadelphia
2022 Neubauer Fellow

“I am driven by a pursuit of justice. Moreover, I believe that justice lies in the details of teaching and learning. These are my guiding forces as a principal. It is my belief that becoming a Neubauer Fellow will increase my capacity to pursue justice for the students and families that I serve.”

Tangela serves as the principal of  Guion S. Bluford Elementary School. Before that, she was the principal of Lewis C. Cassidy Academics Plus School fr om 2014-2023.Under her leadership, Lewis C. Cassidy Academics Plus had an 84% increase in the Progress category of School Progress Reports from 2015 to 2018. Academics Plus has also received state recognition for Positive Behavior Interventions and Support implementation.


Tangela has been an educator since 2000. Prior to becoming a principal, Tangela served as a 1st-grade literacy intern teacher, 5th-grade self-contained teacher, 7th and 8th grade math teacher, K-8 dean, teacher coach, and afterschool coordinator. Tangela completed the RELAY Admin Track. Tangela serves on the School District of Philadelphia Equity Coalition. Tangela grew up in Philadelphia, PA.

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