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M.S. Educational Leadership, Administrative Certification, Lehigh University


Superintendent’s Letter, Arcadia University


M.S. Education, Holy Family


B.S. Business Administration,

Fordham University

Tim McKenna

President, Central High School
School of District Philadelphia
2015 Neubauer Fellow

“The Neubauer Fellowship was a powerful learning experience for me as a leader. Working with colleagues from Philadelphia and national experts in education opened my eyes to my leadership strengths and areas where I needed to grow. I am a better leader because of the learning opportunities that the Neubauer Fellowship provided me.”

Timothy (Tim) has served as President of Central High School, Philadelphia’s oldest public school, since 2012. Under his leadership as the school’s 14th President, Central High School earned recognition from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the School District of Philadelphia for its continued excellence in academics. In 2013, Central won the Governor’s Award for Academic Excellence and is annually recognized with the highest possible overall rating (“City Leader”) on the School District of Philadelphia School Progress Report.


Tim has been an educator since 1996. Prior to his role at Central, Tim was Principal at Furness High School (2008 – 2012) and led the school to a 10% increase in average daily attendance growth and meeting Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) requirements. In addition, Tim was Principal at Frances Willard Elementary School (2006 – 2008), during which Willard Elementary achieved 20% gains in reading and 30% gains in math state assessment scores. Tim’s professional honors include the Schoolmen’s Club 2018 Martin Glassman Dedication to Education award, the Philadelphia Public League Coaches Association’s 2009-2010 Administrator of the Year award, and ASPIRA, Inc. of Pennsylvania’s 2009-2010 High School “Principal of the Year” award. Prior to becoming a principal, Tim served as Reading Specialist, School-Based Teacher Leader, and teacher. Tim grew up in Philadelphia and attended St. Joseph’s Preparatory School.

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