Neubauer Fellowship in Educational Leadership

Great schools require great leaders. Philadelphia’s principals change students’ lives. Through a pipeline of results-driven leadership development experiences, the Philadelphia Academy of School Leaders empowers individuals to drive student growth and advance equity in Philadelphia’s district, charter, and faith-based schools.

What we provide

The Neubauer Fellowship in Educational Leadership is a transformative two-year experience that provides principals with a proven track record the resources and guidance to sharpen their leadership capacities. Fellows develop critical leadership skills to elevate school performance and student outcomes in their schools and across the city. Principals receive best-in-class professional development and build deep relationships with a cohort of outstanding peers who share strategies and problem-solve with one another.

Fellowship Components

Neubauer Fellows:

  • Begin with an intensive six-day Summer Institute
  • Deepen their learning and sharpen management skills through leadership workshops by nationally recognized authors, researchers, and practitioners
  • Connect with prominent government, business, and non-profit leaders during the “Dinner with Decision-Makers” series
  • Engage in individualized monthly coaching to achieve their goals
  • Apply learning to a year-long school-based Problem of Practice
  • Host and visit other Fellows’ schools
  • Collaborate with a cohort of exemplary leaders
  • Receive a $5,000 honorarium for full participation in the two-year experience
  • May serve as coaches, faculty, and/or advisors for new initiatives after completion

Selection Criteria

Successful candidates demonstrate the following leadership competencies:

  • Vision – Articulate a clear, compelling school-wide vision and align priorities and leadership actions to achieve that vision
  • Accountability – Hold self and others accountable for improving student outcomes based on a belief that all children can achieve at high levels
  • Results-Orientation – Set ambitious goals, monitor progress, and demonstrate persistence to overcome obstacles
  • Inclusive Culture – Create a safe, respectful, supportive, and inclusive environment for all students
  • Interpersonal Skills – Effectively communicate, collaborate, and build relationships with diverse stakeholders
  • Instructional Expertise – Facilitate student mastery through data-driven instruction and effective instructional practices
  • Capacity Building – Build capacity of teachers and staff to provide rigorous instruction for all students
  • Problem-Solving – Use data to identify and prioritize problems, inform decisions, and implement effective solutions
  • Self-Awareness and Continuous Improvement – Reflect, accurately assess own strengths and growth areas, solicit feedback, and pursue growth opportunities
  • Commitment – Demonstrate a deep commitment to Philadelphia’s schools and students

“The Neubauer Fellowship has been a great opportunity for me to enhance my practice, enhance my skill set, and be a better leader for my students and teachers. So much of what we do as administrators is in isolation, and we never have the time to sit and work with peers and experts and have conversations about best practice or problems and solutions.”

Jodan Floyd
Principal, AMY Northwest Middle School
2016 Neubauer Fellow in Educational Leadership