Neubauer Fellow Andrew Lukov Leads Collaborative Efforts at Southwark School to Support Success

Andrew Lukov (2020 Neubauer Fellow) has led Southwark School since 2019. The school serves nearly 965 students in PreK – 8th grades. Under his leadership, Southwark achieved three consecutive years of improvement on the Overall School Progress Report (SPR) and was designated as a Model School for Climate in 2017 and in 2018.  Collaboration has been key to their success. Southwark was one of the first schools in Philadelphia to be designated a Community School by the Philadelphia Department of Education in 2017. 

Southwark began virtual instruction in March of 2020 due to COVID. Lukov shares, “We’re continuing to work together as a school community and team. We’re making sure our kids are in class, receiving instruction, and still getting the resources that they and their families need.” Attending to their students’ social and emotional well-being alongside their academic growth continues to be the focus for administration and staff.  

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